Triggered Students ‘Fear for Their Safety’ Following MILO Talk


Students at the University of Alabama are complaining that fans of MILO make them “fear for their safety,” and have demanded that the university rescind security funding for the event.

The protests are in response to MILO’s talk entitled “Obama Just Handed The Internet Over to Monsters.”

According to the University of Alabama’s student newspaper The Crimson White, a group of students stormed the University President’s office on Monday morning, demanding the university abide by its ‘Code of Conduct,’ in order to make students feel safe.

David Swayne, a student at the university, told The Crimson White, “Anyone on campus, regardless of their affiliation with UA… if they’re on campus, and they’re reserving space to speak or host an event, then they must abide by the Capstone Creed and the code of conduct that we tuition-paying students must comply with.”

“We feel Milo represents hate speech,” he continued.

The protesters also claimed that they would have to “adjust their schedules” in order to avoid MILO supporters, as his supporters make them “fear for their safety.”

Another student, Maya Perry, told The Crimson White, “Students have to adjust their schedules… they fear for their safety because… there will be students on campus that support Milo, but there are also going to be his supporters who are not members of our community.”

“They don’t have to adhere to our code of conduct, they can act however they want, and they can put these students at jeopardy,” she continued.

The protesters’ key demand was that the university rescind the $8000 dollars provided in security fees for the event.

“[The University] needs to rescind funds given to the University of Alabama College Republicans for the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking engagement security or promise all other source-registered organizations equivalent funding, which is $6,955.20 by the end of the academic year,” Perry added.

MILO went out to console one protester who was standing with a sign that read “Milo Does Not Represent The LGBTQ community,” but he did not appear to be in a mood for conversation.

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