MILO: ‘The U.S. Never Learns Its Lesson About Islam’


Breitbart Senior Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos spoke today at the Georgia “Millennials For Trump” rally to a packed room of young Republicans and conservatives, all with the shared goal of voting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump into the White House on November 8th.

Milo spoke to the crowded hall saying, “I don’t know what to say to you guys, I mean America doesn’t learn it’s lesson here, you’ve had 9/11 here, you’ve had Orlando and still this country is on the precipice of electing a woman who would allow more Islamic immigration into this country, more people raised on hate and terror.”

“In Orlando,” continued Milo, “Where fifty gay people were murdered and another fifty were injured, this guy Omar Mateen who’s dad is of course a Hillary supporter, of course he was, they have the ‘hutzpah’ if you’ll forgive the expression to put the guy behind her at a rally!”

“You think they didn’t know that? You think they didn’t know who he was? Are you kidding me? They’re laughing at you, these people are laughing at you and they’re laughing at you as they radically redraw the conceptual and geographic boundaries of the country that belongs to you, that you live in, that you love and that has proven itself the greatest country in the history of human civilisation.”

“You’ve got to stay free. You’ve got to stay strong. You’ve also got to vote in your own best interests, most of the people here you haven’t really felt the full economic force of globalism and globalisation yet but you will and when you do you’ll discover that wage depression will get you. That the assaults on the first amendment required to lie to and about people in order to bring in cheap labour, the left wants to do it because they just import voters, if they grant amnesty to 11 million illegals, the Republicans will never get in again. The right establishment GOP, they do it because they don’t care about you they just want cheap cooks and cleaners.”

“Well I would like you to leave this room and take a message to Paul Ryans wifes boyfriend.” said Milo to cheers across the room, “And that message should be, you’ve got to stand behind daddy. You’ve got to get behind Donald Trump because if you don’t this country will never forgive you and neither by the way will the rest of the world.”

“If you allow America to change in the way that it is about to, if you allow Hillary Clinton to elect four supreme court justices, your freedom of speech is gone. Your guns are gone. I’m right about everything, I’m also far right about everything. This is a bleak future but you are on the precipice of it and many of you are in college so you’ve noticed how bad it is because you’ve seen people lied to and lied about when it comes to the wage gap, campus rape culture, the insane idea that American college campuses which have of course been run by liberals for 35 years are hotbeds of rape. That rape rates on these colleges approach those of the Congo where rape is used as a weapon of war.”

“And your president repeats these lies, he repeats things he knows are not true. Well I don’t believe that you help women by lying to them, I believe you help women by having an open frank discussion and a fair marketplace of ideas and you come to the best conclusion after everybody has had their say.”

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