New American Describes Milo as ‘Flamboyant Homosexual with Movie-Star Good Looks’… Milo Agrees


The New American recently published a profile piece of Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos titled “The Waning West: The Problem of Milo Yiannopoulos.”

The piece describes MILO as “the bodacious, bleached-blonde, bohemian, British bad boy of Breitbart.” when asked for comment on this description MILO said, “finally, a description that approaches reality.” The rest of the piece, however, rails on MILO for his homosexual lifestyle”

Yiannopoulos certainly isn’t the first prominent homosexual “conservative.” As with all groups you find all types: adulterers, philanderers, fornicators, fetishists, etc., etc., etc. The difference is that those types don’t wear their sexual indiscretions on their shirtsleeves. They don’t conduct an “Antagonistic Adulterer Tour” or “Fearsome Fornicator Tour.” Yet Yiannopoulos’ recent outrageously popular (and lucrative) college-appearance series is actually called the ‘Dangerous Faggot Tour.’

While Yiannopoulos did write last year that, for homosexuals, “it’s time to get back in the closet” (though his reasoning isn’t what you’d suppose), it’s apparent he has no intention of leading by example. Yiannopoulos is a master of self-promotion. He plays the homosexuality card in his own way because, being the sharp fellow he is, he knows it’s integral to his success. Just like someone who gets more votes because he could be our “first black president” or “first female president,” Yiannopoulos is a novelty: a flamboyant homosexual with movie-star good looks, mainly “conservative” views (gasp!), and a British accent (in the United States, people generally think that anyone with a nice Brit accent is smart). If he had the same views and eloquence but were ugly and shared a mafia don’s accent — and were straight — you’d never have heard of him.

The article further tries to accuse Milo — a Catholic — of “softening people’s minds to sin”:

The Yiannopoulos phenomenon is a matter of life imitating art: He’s that attractive (to conservatives) homosexual character who softens people’s minds to sin — which is followed by a hardening of the heart to Truth. As another commenter under Egerer’s piece put it, “The most effective revolutionaries are those who present themselves as defenders of a current order of things while undermining the moral foundations upon which it rests.”

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