MILO Praises Donald Trump’s Courage At Horowitz Restoration Weekend

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While accepting the Annie Taylor Award for courageous acts in conservative activism, Breitbart Senior editor MILO cited President-elect Donald Trump’s courage as one of the main reasons for his victory in Tuesday’s presidential election.

Milo argued that it was Donald Trump’s courage, as well as the courage of his voters, that handed Hillary Clinton a shocking defeat: “The courage of Trump and his voters handed Hillary Clinton the worst electoral defeat of a Democrat in 28 years. 28 years! Some of you were the age of my typical college audiences the last time this happened!”

Milo spoke briefly about why courage is so desperately needed in the battle against the American left, citing, amongst other things, those that wanted to discredit and his supporters by calling Donald Trump a bigot.

“But Donald Trump is not a coward, and the people who voted for him are not cowards. Can you imagine an America where voting for a candidate is an act of courage, because you may face physical violence, as occurred at Trump rallies courtesy of the Clinton campaign, and you are smeared as a sexist, racist, islamophobe just for voting Republican?”

Milo went on to detail the importance of courage not only within the conservative movement, but as a part of the battles that America, as a nation, is fighting both domestically and abroad: “Why is courage needed? We are in a state of war, at home and abroad. Not because conservatives have been the aggressors. Instead, the Western civilization we love has been attacked from without by a deadly Muslim foe, and from within by a left-wing ideology that prefers our Muslim foes in Mecca to the Athens of Plato, the Jerusalem of Hillel, the Rome of John Paul II, and the Philadelphia of Madison.”