MILO To Visit Memories Pizza To ‘Apologize On Behalf Of The Normal Gays’


Breitbart Senior Editor and resident gay thot MILO will visit Memories Pizza tomorrow at 4PM 4:30PM EST, where he will – in his own words – “apologize on behalf of the normal gays.”

(UPDATE: Event time moved to 4:30PM EST)

Memories Pizza became the target of left-wing activists in 2015, when then-governor of Indiana, Mike Pence (now the Vice President-Elect), signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law. The bill forbade the state from “substantially burdening” a person or business’ exercise of freedom of religion.

Memories Pizza was one of the first businesses in Indiana to make use of the law, refusing to cater to same-sex weddings, which the owners considered to be against their religious beliefs.

They stressed that they would still serve gay customers, and that their moral reservations only extended to weddings, which they considered to be between a man and a woman. Nevertheless, the left-wing media and activist machine went on the offensive, bombarding the company with threats and fake orders, forcing it to temporarily close.

The company’s Yelp reviews were also targeted, descending to an average of just 1 point out of 5. (The review score has since crept up to 1.9 out of 5, still well below its pre-controversy rating.)

Commenting on his upcoming visit to Memories Pizza, MILO said:

Gays have gone from having to hide in the closet to one of the most privileged groups in western society, and I’m sorry to say that we haven’t been very magnanimous in victory. Instead of making peace with society, we’ve gleefully persecuted harmless bakeries and pizza shops. It’s all the more outrageous when you consider that there’s a real threat to gays – Islam – that we’ve ignored at the behest of leftists. We are told that not getting a bakery product for our weddings is somehow important, but worrying about a religion that shoots us in nightclubs is Islamophobic. This has gone far enough. It’s time for the sane gays to speak up, and I’m going to start it off.

You can watch MILO’s visit to Memories Pizza tomorrow at 4:30 PM EST, at the link below.


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