Breitbart Sports Launches New Years Day 2013

Breitbart Sports Launches New Years Day 2013

Note From Senior Management:

Andrew Breitbart’s earliest vision of Breitbart News Network included Breitbart Sports. Part of the reason is that he was a fan of all sports–and by all sports, we mean National League baseball. But Andrew was more than just a casual fan. He understood the importance of statistics and the statistical analysis of people like Bill James–at least so far as it helped him in fantasy league baseball. John Pudner, our new Sports Editor, will be providing a healthy dose of statistics and data analysis on Breitbart Sports.

Incidentally, Andrew was also a good athlete. He batted over .850 in Barrington Park’s Bantam league circa 1976. He just peaked a little too early athletically, like most of us. He topped out as a high school football lineman and baseball pitcher–heavy sidearm, almost submariner delivery.

Andrew had a drive to launch Breitbart Sports because he understood the central nature of sports in and to American culture. He took, for example, no small amount of pride that his favorite team, the Dodgers, integrated baseball, and in so doing helped pave the way for the larger integration of society generally. Also, the common love of a sports team has a unique way of uniting otherwise disparate communities–something near and dear to Andrew’s heart.   

Andrew understood that sports has become a key (as much as Hollywood) component of driving our cultural narrative, which by definition eventually affects our political narrative. Sports are quintessentially merit-based, and they reward personal discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. In a very real sense, Breitbart Sports is an homage to Andrew.

At Breitbart Sports, we will certainly report on the blatant politicization of sports. We will break down “the game film of the game film,” and, as you might expect, hold the sports media accountable. We will place a footprint on the college campuses, where sports reign supreme, as an early marker on covering even more education stories. We will delve into a level of statistical analytics that will intrigue the avid sports fan. We will share and encourage you to share with us, as a community, our deep love of sports. 

After all, sports just might be one of the few topics left that can transcend our political differences. No doubt many on both sides of the political aisle had one eye on the Redskins/Cowboys game Sunday night. 

It’s time for… Breitbart Sports!