Phil Mickelson 'Certainly Concerned' About CA's Future

Phil Mickelson 'Certainly Concerned' About CA's Future

On Wednesday, when reporters asked Phil Mickelson if he was still considering leaving California because of its high taxes, Mickelson said he was not sure before remarking that he was worried about the state’s future.

“I love this state, and I am certainly concerned for it,” Mickelson said.

When asked if he had plans to leave San Diego, Mickelson talked about how much he loved San Diego, which is where he grew up, and acknowledged he did bring “up some of the options … that I should not have said on Sunday.”

“I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet,” Mickelson said. “I am not going to bring it up now … I don’t want to speculate.”

On Sunday, Mickelson said he would have to make “drastic changes” or consider leaving California because of the state’s high tax rate. Last November, California voters passed Proposition 30, which increased the tax rate on those making over $1 million to 13.3%. 

Mickelson was addressing reporters at Torrey Pines on Wednesday before this weekend’s PGA Tour event there. It was the first time Mickelson spoke to the press after his remarks on Sunday.