Devils Beware; Pope is Cheering (Soccer) Saints

Devils Beware; Pope is Cheering (Soccer) Saints

The Argentinian soccer team Red Devils team of Independiente must be nervous, as one of the biggest fans of their rivals the Saints of San Lorenzo is now the Pope. 

Former rugby player Jorge Mario Bergoglio will no longer be in the stands for Sunday games because he was the one Cardinal to travel to the conclave and not return to his diocese, instead emerging as Pope Francis.

Younger Catholics do not remember the much younger Pope John Paul II taking to the ski slopes and hiking through the mountains before Parkinson’s took hold and he lived as an example of suffering. Pope Francis playing days may also be past, but Vatican Radio Wednesday played an interview in which a soccer executive said the Pope “really knows the technique and tactics of the game.”

“His membership number is 88235N-0 San Lorenzo and on Sunday he was often in the stadium stands to watch the game. He is an avid member, season-ticket holder and supporter of the club,” said Jose Capria, an executive for Club Atletico Buenos Aires San Lorenzo de Almagro.

The Pope played rugby and other sports, according to the interview.

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