Izzo: Shorten College Basketball Shot Clock

Izzo: Shorten College Basketball Shot Clock

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo argued that the shot clock in men’s college basketball, which is at 35 seconds, should be shortened.

“One of the guys I have great respect for–Johnny Dawkins, who is at Stanford–and I were in our meetings the other day, and he said, ‘We have the slowest game in the world,'” Izzo said in a Tuesday interview on an Oklahoma sports talk radio program. “As you say, the international is less. The pro is less. The women’s is less. And here we are with 35 [seconds].”

He said the coaches noted that the NBA and FIBA use 24-second shot clocks and women’s college basketball uses a 30-second shot clock. 

“It was talked about at our meetings in Atlanta,” Izzo said. “You know the bureaucracy of committees and what it’s got to do, but I think there is getting to be a growing run at maybe doing that, and I think more coaches are in favor of it.”