Tiger: Ban Belly Putter Now

Tiger: Ban Belly Putter Now

On Monday, Tiger Woods said the PGA Tour should ban anchored putters as soon as possible.

“I hope they go with the ban,” Woods said on Monday at Congressional Country Club outside of Washington, D.C. “Anchoring should not be a part of the game. It should be mandatory to have to swing all 14 clubs.

“And as far as the PGA Tour, I hope they do (ban) it as soon as possible to be honest with you. I’ve always said that. I’ve always felt that in golf you should have to control your nerves and swing all 14 clubs, not just 13.”

Woods has never been a fan of the belly putter.

On Tuesday morning, golf’s governing bodies–the Royal & Ancient Golf Club and U.S. Golf Association–announced that they would ban the anchored putter in 2016. The PGA Tour, though, has indicated it may not abide by the rule, perhaps leading to bifurcation, where professionals and amateurs play by different rules for the first time in modern history.