Dodgers Unaware of Pro-Immigration Reform Caravan 'from… Dodger Stadium'

Dodgers Unaware of Pro-Immigration Reform Caravan 'from… Dodger Stadium'

Supporters of citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants may hope to ride the popularity of the surging Los Angeles Dodgers when they gather outside Dodger Stadium Wednesday morning to kick off a caravan, but the executive offices at Dodger Stadium told Breitbart Sports on Monday they were unaware of the rally.

When presented with the details of the rally urging citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, a representative at the executive offices told Breitbart Sports that the “Lot 13” listed on the flier (see photo) was not part of the Stadium proper and therefore no one would need permission to park there in the morning.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles ( has distributed the flier promoting the event. They probably view California Republicans as particularly vulnerable to pressure in the immigration battle because non-partisan redistricting there results in many Republicans having large Hispanic populations within their district.

The flier urges activists “to press the House of Representatives to deliver a comprehensive immigration reform immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship by September 30, 2013.”

It also encourages supporters of citizenship for illegal immigrants to visit their local members of Congress on Tuesday, then meet at “Lot 13” of Dodger Stadium to caravan to Bakersfield. After several stops they plan to rally outside the office of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the House Majority Whip who is considered vulnerable on comprehensive immigration reform legislation.