Whitlock: Trayvon, Lane Deaths 'Byproducts' of America's 'Love of Guns'

Whitlock: Trayvon, Lane Deaths 'Byproducts' of America's 'Love of Guns'

Sports columnist Jason Whitlock, who is on the move from Fox Sports to ESPN and once compared the NRA to the KKK, said the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Australian college baseball player Chris Lane were “byproducts” of America’s “love of guns.”

Whitlock, whose column after the tragic murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher inspired NBC Sports host Bob Costas to get on his soapbox and go on a rant about gun control on a nationally televised broadcast of Sunday Night Football days after Belcher’s death, also criticized the “hip hop/prison” culture the teenagers who gunned down Lane were mimicking. 

George Zimmerman, whom the media vilified and painted as a racist in the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s tragic death, was found not guilty of all charges and claimed he shot Martin in self-defense. 

The three teenagers who were charged in the senseless and random murder of Lane reportedly did so because they were “bored” and for the “fun of it,” with one of the alleged perpetrators having laughed about the shooting.