Plane Flies Banner Over Jaguars Game Calling for Tebow

Plane Flies Banner Over Jaguars Game Calling for Tebow

Some Jacksonville Jaguars fans refuse to give up on the club signing Tim Tebow, even in the face of the front office’s repeated denials of interest in signing the quarterback. In the latest lobbying effort, a fan flew a plane over the Jaguars’ stadium during the second quarter of the Jaguars game against the Colts with a sign trailing behind that read, “Tebow, Why Not?”

The timing of the flyover was perfect as current Jaguars’ quarterback Blaine Gabbert had already thrown two interceptions and the game was already getting out of hand for Jacksonville. The argument that Tebow could not possibly make things worse seems to be valid, as the team is 0-4 following a 37-3 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

Undoubtedly, Tebow would draw a crowd. However, NFL teams are notoriously wary of spending money on players they do not see as long-term solutions at quarterback or any other position.

photo credit: USA Today