Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist Leaves Oregon

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist Leaves Oregon

Colt Lyerla, widely regarded as one of the nation’s most talented tight ends, has left the Oregon Ducks for unspecified reasons. Previously, Lyerla gained notoriety for tweeting on the Sandy Hook incident.

In his tweets, the Ducks tight end said that the government was behind the shooting in orderto advance its anti-Second Amendment agenda. He also called the parents of Sandy Hook victims “liars.” In making his case, he tweeted this video.

University of Oregon officials were quick to condemn the tweets, calling the comments ‘insensitive and offensive.”

On the other hand, Lyerla was not overly apologetic, and most of his comments were reserved for articulating his right to share his opinion and regretting only that they were shared on a public forum. He then followed the controversy with a poor performance this season.

With only 26 receiving yards this season, some are arguing that Lyerla’s exit may actually be good for the Ducks. Despite his talent, however, it is likely that his draft stock will fall significantly.