Dolphins O-Line Bullied Teammate for Having Intelligent Parents

Dolphins O-Line Bullied Teammate for Having Intelligent Parents

The Miami Dolphins reportedly bullied offensive lineman Jonathan Martin for having intelligent parents. Martin left the team this week after what was reportedly “the last straw” when his teammates left the table in the team’s cafeteria when Martin sat down. 

As TheBigLead notes, Miami’s offensive line has such upstanding citizens like NFL problem child Richie Incognito, who almost ruined his career with a history of drug abuse, was voted the second dirtiest player in the league by NFL teams, punched out a security guard, and verbally abused an NFL official.  

Then there is Mike Pouncey, who was recently served by a grand jury in the Aaron Hernandez murder case and wore a “Free Hernandez” hat after Hernandez was arrested on charges of first-degree murder. 

A source told Fox Sports that this “wasn’t an abrupt action by Martin,” who “has tried dealing with a slew of indignities that crossed into personal and family insults.”

Martin is a graduate of Stanford whose parents are Harvard-educated lawyers. He was chosen in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft.