Ex-Football Player Guilty of Domestic Violence Against Boyfriend

Ex-Football Player Guilty of Domestic Violence Against Boyfriend

Former San Francisco 49ers lineman Kwame Harris was found guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence and battery. It all started when his boyfriend Dimitri Geier poured soy sauce on his rice.

On August 21, 2012, Harris and Dimitri Geier ate dinner at Su Hong restaurant in Menlo Park, CA. Geier poured soy sauce on some rice and the two argued. Harris told Geier he would not take him to the airport and when he took the suitcases out of the car Harris accused him of taking his underwear. He tried to pull down Geier’s pants and the argument got physical. Harris hit him several times in the face and head. Geier had surgery and a metal plate was inserted in his face.

After the attack, Geier posted this on his Facebook wall.

i am not a doctor, but i think its bipolarity.. we had dinner at a restaurant and i poured soy sauce into a plate he wanted to use for rice himself.. that started an argument about me not having manners and class and triggered his rage. and 5 minutes later it was a physical assault. so i dont really know why.. there wasnt a reason really. he has rage issues.. hopefully there will be some therapy enforced. 

He was acquitted of felony domestic violence and assault. Harris claims self-defense and will appeal the misdemeanor convictions. Geier sued Harris in October 2012, but he withdrew the lawsuit six months ago. The couple has been dating on-and-off for four years and lived with each other.