Daniel Defense Ad Rejected, but Bloomberg's Gun Control Ad Ran During 2013 Super Bowl

Daniel Defense Ad Rejected, but Bloomberg's Gun Control Ad Ran During 2013 Super Bowl

As news continues to circulate about the NFL rejecting gun manufacturer Daniel Defense’s Super Bowl ad because of the league’s ban on firearm-related advertisements, attention is being drawn to the fact that Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns aired a firearm-related ad during the 2013 Super Bowl in a local market (Washington, D.C).

And the details surrounding both advertisements seem quite similar. 

For instance, Bloomberg’s ad aired regionally rather than nationally. And when Breitbart News spoke with Daniel Defense’s Jordan Hunter on December 3rd, he said Daniel Defense was likewise seeking a regional commercial slot for their ad. 

According to The New York Times, because Bloomberg’s ad was regional instead of national the spot for it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of millions. Daniel Defense had allocated hundreds of thousands for their regional ad as well. 

The big difference in the two ads is that Bloomberg’s ad actually mentioned guns–the Daniel Defense ad does not. In fact, the Daniel Defense ad does not even show a gun, save for the silhouette of one contained in their logo. Furthermore, Daniel Defense also aired an ad in the Georgia television market during the 2012 Super Bowl without complaints from the NFL.

The Daniel Defense ad focuses on self-reliance, and the responsibility of watching out for one’s own family. 

Since Breitbart News’s November 27th report on the NFL’s rejection of the Daniel Defense ad, readers have commented on how shameful it is to see the NFL refuse an ad that highlights self-reliance while embracing numerous commercials that seem to vie each year for the title of “sluttiest” Super Bowl advertisement. 

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