Six World Cup Stadiums Will Not Be Ready by FIFA's December 31 Deadline

Six World Cup Stadiums Will Not Be Ready by FIFA's December 31 Deadline

Brazil, the nation that is hosting the 2014 World Cup, admitted six of the stadiums will not be finished by FIFA’s December 31 deadline. This is the latest of many problems Brazil has faced since they were chosen to host the tournament.

Brazilian officials said only three stadiums are delayed because of problems with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who wants to be present for the ceremonies. They also said the stadiums will be finished by the start of the World Cup. However, FIFA said the stadium delays will cause them to delay ticket deliveries because seating plans are not finalized.

‘Due to the reduced timeline, FIFA, the LOC, government and stadium authorities are adjusting the stadium operational program to ensure that the stadiums are delivered and host events prior to the FIFA World Cup without compromising on safety or quality,’ FIFA said in a statement. 

Brazilian officials reiterated there was no reason for concern. 

‘We are in a much more advanced stage at this point in time than we were before the Confederations Cup,’ Brazil’s deputy sports minister Luis Fernandes said. ‘In March, there were still doubts whether the Maracana would be ready for the final. We are in a much better position now. The only doubt we have is related to the Sao Paulo stadium.’

Last week, a crane collapsed on the Sao Paulo stadium, killed two workers and damaged the stadium. 

FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke said stadiums in Curitiba and Cuiaba will be ready in January and February, respectively. The World Cup organizers said only Sao Paulo and Curitiba have delays, but then conceded that Curitiba probably will not be ready until March.

The Sao Paulo stadium is not the only one to have delays from accidents. Workers died in Brasilia, Manaus and Palmeiras. Rains flooded the site for the Maracana Stadium in March and delayed FIFA inspection. The Confederations Cup was canceled due to ongoing civil unrest, and the anarchist group Black Boc promised to cause mayhem during the World Cup.