Fox Bosses, Terry Bradshaw Clash on NYC Super Bowl

Fox Bosses, Terry Bradshaw Clash on NYC Super Bowl

Don’t call Terry Bradshaw a company man.

As his Fox bosses celebrated their broadcast in ten days as the “biggest, boldest, and coldest Super Bowl,” the Hall of Fame quarterback offered a reality check that he acknowledged was politically incorrect. The disagreement between the corporate behemoth and its employee occurred not behind the scenes but on a media conference call in anticipation of the Super Bowl.

“I don’t look at it as a positive,” Bradshaw confessed of a cold-climate Super Bowl. “I don’t quite understand why we’re in New York. Great city. Was there some deal worked out?”

Bradshaw refused to jump on the corporate bandwagon. “Yeah. I wouldn’t want to play in that weather,” the four-time Super Bowl winner declared. “It should be more of a reward not so much for the city or the NFL but for the players.”

Although the Steelers may have won in a northern climate, Bradshaw maintains he didn’t like playing in the cold. “I hated it,” the Hall of Famer explained on the conference call. “I played in some horribly cold weather in the playoffs. The numbers weren’t impressive.” The Fox broadcaster believes that the NFL should schedule Super Bowls for warm-weather cities.

Fox’s Shanks admitted that contingency plans for a Super Bowl Monday or Super Bowl Saturday were in place. “We’ve been preparing all along with the league for multiple scenarios,” he said, which included “other dates.”

Both Bradshaw and Strahan both indicated that the elements could tip the scales in Seattle’s favor. “I don’t look at it as a positive,” Bradshaw repeated on the venue. “If you take a team that has earned the right to play in the Super Bowl and they’re a passing team… and you put them in a conditions like this, that’s a distinct disadvantage.” Offering the advice to “bundle up,” former New York Giant Michael Strahan asked, “Is it a disadvantage for Denver? Absolutely.”

If he were playing for his fifth Super Bowl title and he discovered the scheduled venue was New Jersey, Terry Bradshaw concedes, “I personally would not have been happy.”


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