NFL Expands Salary Cap

NFL Expands Salary Cap

NFL general managers enjoy a little more breathing room today.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the $10 billion behemoth will share a little bit more money than expected with players this coming season. The salary cap, pegged at $123 million last season, will rise to $130 million in 214. This 5% rise exceeds expectations. The league was expected to raise the cap limit to $126 million.

The salary cap rise is welcome news to several franchises, particularly the Steelers and Cowboys, whose scheduled player payments exceed even the new limit. The defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks similarly faced some difficult choices made a bit easier because of the infusion of cash. The Raiders, Jaguars, and Browns possess the most money to spend in the offseason, with several playoff teams–the Packers and Colts to name two–looking to improve through their comfortable cap-room position.