Alex Rodriguez Will Not Pay His Legal Bills

Alex Rodriguez Will Not Pay His Legal Bills

A source told The New York Daily News that New York Yankee star Alex Rodriguez still owes millions in legal bills with his battle with Major League Baseball. He fought against the league and commissioner Bud Selig over his season long steroid suspension.

He burned a lot of bridges with his fight, especially when he allegedly leaked information about Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli, and the downward spiral will continue if he does not pay back the people who worked tirelessly for him. Rodriguez had $4 – $5 million in fees, but still owes $3 million.

Rodriguez has paid some of the bills, the source said, but he still owes his attorneys and private investigators as much as $3 million for the work they did in his unsuccessful attempt to have his ban overturned.

Rodriguez — who the source said has ignored repeated attempts from his lawyers to collect the staggering balance — has claimed he plans on rejoining the Yankees for the 2015 season after his suspension is completed.

“If he resists paying, he will pay anyway and he will suffer,” the source said. “If he forces people to prove he owes them money, the issues that he discussed with his attorneys will be made public — and Alex doesn’t want people telling the truth.”

It is not as if the lawyers and investigators did not do their job. His original suspension was 211 games, but they managed to get it reduced to only a season. Rodriguez is a rich man and the Yankees still owe him $61 million.

His lead attorney Joe Tacopina told the Daily News he received his money from Rodriguez and Washington lobbyist Lanny Davis received a small amount, but no confirmation if was ever paid in full. Veteran sports lawyer David Cornwell, the Reed Smith law firm and Guidepost Solutions did not comment to the Daily News.

Rodriguez called Selig a coward when he refused to testify in the case and returned to loud boos at Yankee Stadium in August 2013. He missed the first part of the season due to injury.