Report: A-Rod Paid Almost $1 Million in Hush Money to Cousin

Report: A-Rod Paid Almost $1 Million in Hush Money to Cousin

A prime Alex Rodriguez may have loved the thunderous cheers of thousands of fans. But he preferred silence when it came to his cousin.

A report charges that A-Rod paid Yuri Sucart nearly $1 million in hush money. Yuri Sucart, Rodriguez’s cousin, was willing to go public regarding Rodriguez using PEDs if Rodriguez would not pay him off “for the past services rendered and to fulfill your promise to support [Sucart] and his family for life.” 

In the summer of 2013, Rodriguez paid Sucart $700,000, then followed with three other payments totaling $200,000. Newsday reported there had been a written agreement between Rodriguez and Sucart on June 5, 2013, as well as later wire transfer receipts. That agreement followed a letter from Sucart’s lawyer, Jeffrey Sonn, suggesting that Sucart would “maintain his silence” if Rodriguez forked over $5 million. The letter also read, “Yuri followed your every instruction, need, and in some cases, handled matters that were of a very sensitive and confidential nature. He protected you and your way of life.” 

The federal government, which is prosecuting Sucart for illegally distributing steroids, released the information about Rodriguez’s payments to Sucart to prove Sucart can afford his own attorney. Sucart was barred from the Yankees’ premises in 2009 by Major League Baseball after Rodriguez’s admission that he had used steroids from 2000-03 with Sucart’s help. But Rodriguez still paid Sucart until 2012. 

Sucart has plead not guilty in federal court with regard to his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal, but Rodriguez is testifying in the case against Sucart, which may mean Rodriguez can avoid indictment. 

Rodriguez has been restored to the Yankees’ roster after being suspended for 2014 because he used illegal performance-enhancing drugs and obstructed the investigation of Biogenesis conducted by Major League Baseball.