MJ Versus LeBron Debate Leads to Assault Charges for Roommate

Michael Jordan AP

Arguing who was better Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle created a couple skirmishes among kids back in the fifties and sixties. It looks like who’s better LeBron James or Michael Jordan is a 2015 version of the “who’s better” debate.

Unfortunately, one of these debates got out of hand in the wee hours Saturday morning and it wasn’t between kids. Daniel Mondelice, 22, and his roommate began comparing MJ and LeBron stats at their apartment, according to the Penn State College Police Department.

The Daily Collegian reported that the argument provoked Mondelice to physically assault his roommate. Police said that he was indicted for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and simple assault. After booking Mondelice, police escorted the suspected assailant to his apartment to gather his belongings.

The troubled Mondelice then visited a woman at a nearby residence. When she asked him to leave he grew hostile and began verbally abusing her, police reported. The woman called the police just after 6 p.m. Saturday complaining about her unwelcome visitor. Mondelice left the apartment, but was picked up later by police and charged with criminal trespassing and harassment.

In 2013, a few fans got into the same “who’s better” argument over Jordan and James in Pittsburgh, which ended in a non-fatal stabbing. Yet, neither of these incidents compare to a trash-talking argument gone totally berserk last December, when a Washington Redskins fan killed a Dallas Cowboy fan in an Italian restaurant in Virginia.

The victims fiancée said after the killing, “This is what you call petty. A whole human being is lost over words.… How do you say you are sorry to a dead man?”