Dwight Howard’s Gun Collection Includes ‘Bazookas’


Bleacher Report looks at how the NBA’s Dwight Howard is adapting to life with the Houston Rockets after a stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

One thing they noticed is that he is “going to the gun range” and that he owns a lot of weapons, including “bazookas.”

According to Bleacher Report, Howard “has about 10 different kinds [of guns] in his collection,” which contains about “50” particular weapons. These include “shotguns, semiautomatics and handguns.”

One of Howard’s favorite guns in his “gold-looking Desert Eagle pistol.” This is a large semiautomatic handgun and, depending on which model Howard owns, it is made for interchangeable barrels. This means the gun can shoot .357 magnum—yes, a .357 magnum in a semiautomatic—and it can also shoot .44 magnum and .50 AE.

Bleacher Report also notes that Howard owns some “miniguns and bazookas” too, but they are “just for show.”

Howard told Bleacher Report that the laid back “country life” he enjoys in Texas fits him better than the bright lights and hectic pace of Los Angeles.

Howard’s Rockets travel to Dallas tomorrow night to take on the Mavericks in Game Three of their opening round playoff series. The second-seeded Rockets currently lead the series 2-0.

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