Penn. Junior Football Season Canceled After Parents Threaten Violence Against League Officials

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Mount Pleasant, PA

A junior football league in Pennsylvania canceled the entire season after bullet casings with the names of league officials written on them were found at a local park.

Names of officials, coaches, and referees of the Mount Pleasant Area Junior Football league appeared on the bullet casings, alarming the league and prompting the decision to cancel the whole season.

League officials sent letters to each of the teams of the league, the text of which was posted to the Facebook page of the Norvelt Colts.

The decision has been made with great regret that the 2015 MPAJF football season has been cancelled. After continued threats against League officials, coaches and referees, the League has only one option, to cancel the season. Today, October 13, 2015, ammunition shells were placed at the field gate with names of League officers printed with permanent marker. Due to the increase in violence of these threats, the safety of our children is the main concern. Decisions of this magnitude are not done lightly; rather they are done with the advice of the State Police, FBI, school administrators and League Officials. We hope that as parents you will agree with this decision and try and cooperate with everyone involved to bring forward the person or persons responsible for these actions. The league’s future and our children’s continued participation in future seasons is what is in jeopardy.

Local news reports that fighting between parents during games has increased in the area and one game earlier this season had to be canceled and re-scheduled due to the behavior of parents.

Many parents on the Norvelt Colts website decried the bad behavior.

“This whole situation is crazy. When are the adults involved going to grow up and let the kids learn, play and have fun!” Sandy Ruggiero said.

Shawna Weaver agreed saying, “I’m disgusted. The only people hurt in this are the kids.”

Addressing whomever left the marked bullets at the park, T. Michael Lauffer said, “I think the cowards and I say COWARDS who placed the shells need to grow up and man up. Really if you have problem with someone talk to them. You don’t need to run around making threats against people. What a joke. It’s a true shame.”

Dozens of other comments adorned the Norvelt Colts page all slamming parents for their childish behavior.

Finally, several commenters posted a photo of a yard sign headlined, “Reminders from your child” that reads,

  • I am a kid
  • It’s just a game
  • My coach is a volunteer
  • The officials are human
  • No college scholarships will be handed out today

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