Bearded Teen Catches Controversial KC Homer

Caleb Humphreys

Caleb Humphreys is the new Jeffrey Maier.

The hirsute teenager snagged a second-inning, Mike Moustakas fly ball at the right-center field wall in Kauffman Stadium. The umpires ruled home run. The announcers ruled fan interference. After reviewing the replay, the umps seconded their first take. Leaving Kansas City alive always trumps the ground rules.

“I got really worried it was going to be taken away,” Humphreys told KCTV. “I feared they were going to lose by one and I was going to be the kid who took it away.”

Humphreys teetered between Jeffrey Maier and Steve Bartman for a few moments. In the end, the umps sided with his team. Like them, Humphreys got to leave Kaufmann Stadium alive.

Unfortunately for the Blue Jays, they lost the game 4-3. Moustakas’ solo shot off David  Price proved the difference.

“It was gone,” Humphreys explained. “He hit a legit home run. I just tried to give him a little extra support.”