Phil Mickelson, Swing Coach Butch Harmon Part Ways

Phil Mickelson Butch Harmon

Phil Mickelson and famed swing coach Butch Harmon parted ways, according to a Golf Digest report.

Harmon told the outlet that Mickelson “flew up on his plane last week to sit down and talk.”

“We talked for about two hours. I completely agreed that sometimes you need to hear things a different way, get a different perspective on things,” Harmon said. “He’s been frustrated the last two years. I thought it was a good idea that he would do this. He needs to hear things differently that maybe get him rejuvenated and get him back to what we all know he can be.”

Golf Digest noted that Mickelson and Harmon parted ways “amicably” unlike Harmon’s bitter breakup with Tiger Woods, who reportedly has hardly spoken to Harmon since 2002. Harmon said that Mickelson “did it in a classy way.”

“I respect him as a person and as a teacher and as a friend, and just wanted to talk to him in person about it,” Mickelson told the outlet. “It’s not something you do over the phone. He’s been good to me long before we ever started working together. That stuff is never easy, but it’s what he deserves.”

Mickelson added that “Butch is still and always will be one of my better friends. We’ve had to share the most difficult times in our lives. His wife was battling some health issues and we talked a lot about it. Amy went through cancer and we talked a lot about it. He and I were sounding boards for each other.”

Harmon coached Mickelson for eight years, and Lefty, now 45 years of age, won two majors (the Masters, British Open) and 12 golf tournaments during that time.

“I gave him a hug and told him I hope it works out for him,” Harmon said. “I want the best for Phil.”