Dwyane Wade Apologizes to Canada: ‘I Didn’t Mean Any Disrespect’

Dwyane Wade (L) scores 30 points as the Miami Heat even their second-round playoff series with a 94-87 win over Toronto

Dwyane Wade dropped 30 on the Toronto Raptors in an overtime win. Then the Miami Heat guard dropped an apology of sorts on the Great White North.

“No disrespect at all from me,” Wade told journalists after the win. “I apologize for Canada thinking I would disrespect them as a country.”

Wade continued jaying warm-up shots during “O Canada” over the weekend in Miami. The disrespectful act upset Canadians. Wade says he made sure to get in line first before AmericanAirlines Arena blared the Canadian national anthem Monday night.

“I have so much respect for the Toronto Raptors, obviously, and I have respect for the country of Canada,” Wade explained. “So I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

Miami tied the series 2-2 in last night’s comeback win. The Heat travel to Toronto, where Wade likely hears it, for Game Five Wednesday night.