Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Hints at Trump Assassination

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 31: U.S. President Donald Trump nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch (R)
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In a new video Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said he dislikes the Trump administration, insisting that “nothing but negativity” has come from Washington since Trump’s election and hinted at assassination wondering if Trump was “going to be able to last four years.”

“I don’t even know if he’s going to be able to last four years, in my opinion,” Wilson said. “You don’t want to wish bad upon anybody, because if he doesn’t last four years, that means that something went wrong. So hopefully nothing goes wrong, any more than what it’s already doing, but it’s just been a crazy 10 days already.”

The Seahawks player disgorged his veiled threat as he received a haircut in a Facebook Live video posted on January 31, The Hill reported.

“Basically, I think that when you think about all the negativity that’s happened within a 10-day period — or however many days it’s been — it’s already too much,” Wilson said. “It’s already crazy, it’s already affecting people’s hearts, and souls, and lives in such a negative way, in my opinion.”

Wilson claimed that recent protests organized by activist groups, many paid for by anti-American billionaire George Soros, are examples of the unrest that may topple Trump.

“To go to LAX airport, and there’s people all over the place fighting for their lives, protesting, and all that. All the protests that have gone on in the African-American community, obviously the Muslim community, too. If we’re going to be a nation that says we’re equal, we have to be equal,” Wilson proclaimed.

“People’s feelings are getting hurt, people’s lives are getting changed, people are getting sent back or not let in back home to see their families for reasons that may not be worthy,” Wilson added. “Just because you believe in something, you are from a certain place, doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.”

“We have to treat people fairly and you have to love everyone,” Wilson said, though it was clear that his “love” didn’t extend to conservatives, Republicans, and other supporters of the President and his policies.

Wilson didn’t comment on the pure hatred coming from the left, however. Even in his own venue of the sports world hate for the half of the country that might support Donald Trump has been pervasive. From the anti-American protests indulged by San Francisco 49ers second stringer Colin Kaepernick, to repeated bile disgorged by sports reporters, the hate has poured from the sports world.

Of course, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been ladling out his brand of hate for the entire NFL season. He has labeled police officers as pigs, attacked the U.S. military, disrespected the national anthem, praised domestic terror group Black Lives Matter, and said the country is intrinsically racist.

This must not be “negativity” as far as Wilson is concerned.

Then there was the tweet by New York Post sports writer Bart Hubbuch who equated the election of Donald Trump to the terror attacks on September 11. Hubbuch was soon fired for his hate-filled tweet.

Hubbach is far from the only “sports writer” who used his platform to attack half the country who voted for Donald Trump. In another of just a very few examples, this week USA Today sports writer Nancy Armour used her column to attack Trump and his voters in general and New England Patriots star Tom Brady in particular for support of Donald Trump.

In a column filled with what should be seen as lies, Armour claimed that the whole country “boiled over in rage” at Donald Trump’s temporary moratorium on travel from a small list of terror-torn countries. She went on to proclaim that Trump is a racist, bigot and misogynist, and that Tom Brady is so stupid that Trump “duped” him into becoming a friend.

In another case of someone in the sports world attacking Americans, Cleveland Cavaliers star forward LeBron James called the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump “goofy.”

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