ISIS Leader Remains Sole Suspect in German Soccer Team Bus Bombing

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The Associated Press

He’s still just a suspect. However, given his background, if he’s eventually found guilty of bombing the bus of German Bundesliga soccer team Borussia Dortmund it will come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Abdul Beset A. holds the distinction of sole suspect in custody in connection with the Dortmund bus bombing, but how much longer he will stay in custody remains a much more complicated question. Officials believe the 26 year-old Iraqi led a kidnapping and execution squad in Iraq for ISIS. However, despite his allegedly deep terrorist ties, German authorities admit, “The investigations have so far resulted in no proof that the suspect had taken part in the attack.”

A letter found near the scene led police to believe the attack was terror related.

Specifically, the letter calls out German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to Die Welt, the letter reads, “You obviously aren’t bothered about your dirty little subjects. Your Tornados continue to fly over the ground of the Caliphate to murder Muslims.”

In addition, the letter puts the sports world on notice, claiming that, “…sports stars and public figures ‘in Germany and other crusader nations’ are on a ‘death list of Islamic State.’”

The letter also makes demands of Germany, particularly calling for German warplanes to pull out of the Syrian war zone, in addition to shutting down the U.S. Air Force base at Ramstein.

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