Deadspin Mocks Donald Trump Jr.’s CrossFit Claims

Donald Trump Jr.
AP/Carolyn Kaster

Deadspin appears to have run out of ideas to write about, so they jumped the shark to undermine President Trump’s son Don Jr.’s gym workouts.

The Univision-owned website—which Breitbart Sports editor Dylan Gwinn characterized as a  “leftist political website masquerading as a sports site”—suggested that the president’s 39-year-old offspring embellished his times for completing the infamous CrossFit “Murph” workout of the day (WOD).

The “Murph”, reports Deadspin, is named after Lone Survivor hero Navy SEAL Michael P. Murphy, who was killed in an intense battle with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The workout consists of running one mile before doing 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and then running another mile to complete the exercise.

This past Memorial Day, Don Jr. posted on his Instagram that “he did ok” but that it was 5 minutes more than his personal record of 31:56. Deadspin did some digging to find out that Don’s time of some 37 minutes would have beat the 38:56 time of the 2015 CrossFit Games men’s division first place award, prompting Deadspin to report “Nothing else needs to be said really.”

But, Deadspin continued their important data gathering expedition on Don Jr. to find that he completed the “Murph” back in May 2012 in 66 minutes and one month later posted a time over a half hour faster. Deadspin concludes that “either Donald Trump Jr. is a world-class athlete or, as several members of the online CrossFit community have claimed, he’s fudging the numbers.”

Of course, we all remember Deadspin criticizing Barack Obama’s gym workouts—whoops, sorry, they didn’t. The faux sports website did have a few things so say about how funny former President Obama was and just how awful Don Jr.’s dad is shortly after Don Sr. won the election in November:

In these, the precious final days before the title of Leader of the Free World is officially handed over to an unhinged megalomaniacal trash TV star, it is important to treasure the relatively good times we have today. To help us at least temporarily forget about this lost world we find ourselves in, take in President Obama’s genuinely funny speech to the visiting NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wonder if Deadspin can give us a little expose on Chelsea Clinton’s exercise routines… I hope not because no one really cares.


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