No Joke: Univision Cutting 15% of The Onion’s Staff

Univision intends to cut 15 percent of its staff at Onion Inc., which includes satirical websites The Onion and Clickhole, as well pop-culture website The A.V. Club and food website The Takeout.


Jason Whitlock: ESPN ‘Lost the Culture War’ to Left-Wing Deadspin

The fall of ESPN is still a hot topic in sports media, but former ESPN commentator Jason Whitlock has a unique point to add to the litany of reasons for the famed cable sports network’s troubles. Whitlock says that left-wing sports blog Deadspin caused ESPN to veer left, and that was the seed that caused the network’s downfall.

US President Donald Trump delivers a statement on Syria from the Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida, on April 6, 2017. Trump ordered a massive military strike against a Syria Thursday in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack they blame on President Bashar al-Assad. A US official said 59 …

Alleged Sports Site Deadspin Triggered by Trump Attacking Syria

Deadspin, a sports site, took time away from sports to attack President Donald Trump and the U.S. military after Trump ordered an air strike in Syria. The site was triggered by the U.S. military sending out photos showing it is doing its job, and apparently hinting that the photos are “propaganda.”

Tim Kennedy

Deadspin Editor Challenges Cruz Supporters to UFC Fight, Actual UFC Fighter Responds

The Twitter muscles are strong in this one. Tim Marchman, editor at Deadspin, reacted angrily when Senator Ted Cruz clowned his website on Tuesday. After his site told Ted Cruz to “eat shit,” following a simple light-hearted joke, Marchman must have figured that Deadspin hadn’t yet humiliated themselves to the degree at which they are truly capable.


Deadspin Tells Ted Cruz to ‘Eat Sh*t,’ After Cruz Hilariously Burns Them on Twitter

More hilarious than all the jokes in all the land is when a liberal talking point or stereotype detonates in their face. It’s not surprising that this stereotype-shattering would occur on Twitter, where so many liberal memes go to die. Though, few would have thought Ted Cruz would be the one triggering the explosion.