Yet Another Left-Wing Sports Reporter Apologizes for Colin Kaepernick’s Anti-Americanism

Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers stands on the sidelines during their NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at Levi's Stadium on October 6, 2016 in Santa Clara, California

July seems to be the month for liberal sports writers to fall all over themselves for anti-American former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and next to jump on the bandwagon is the Boston Globe’s Christopher L. Gasper.

After spending an entire season refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem and issuing one proclamation after another about how evil the United States is, Colin Kaepernick declared himself a free agent and told the NFL he was ready to be hired by another team.

Despite spending a year attacking the country, the now-former San Francisco 49er promised that he would end the protests he claimed were based on his closely held principles if only some other NFL team would hire him on for the 2017 season.

Despite his bland assurances, though, no team stepped up to give him a shot at continuing his NFL career. And this state of affairs has incensed liberal sports writers from coast to coast.

Liberal sports writers just can’t fathom why no NFL team in what has often been sold as “America’s game” would want to invite into their locker room a man who has said America has never been great and called our police and first responders “pigs.”

It is just beyond the understanding of many liberal sports writers why so many Americans are turned off by Kaepernick’s behavior and have taken the time to let local teams know that if they bring Kaepernick to their city, they will be sorry.

Kaepernick became the subject of editorials once again because of an interview with another disgraced quarterback. Last week former quarterback Michael Vick suggested that if Kaepernick were to cut down his giant protest afro and shave off his scruffy beard, he just might be “presentable” enough to land a new slot in the NFL. Vick’s advice set a slew of liberal sportswriters to go running to their keyboards to decry Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment.

And on cue comes the Globe’s Gasper to unleash yet another screed against the country and the NFL for not giving Kaepernick another chance.

Gasper goes into detail about the many accusations passed around that Kaepernick is still on the sidelines because his play had deteriorated over the last few years and that he just doesn’t have the “stuff” to be a competitive NFL quarterback. And the Boston writer is probably right to note that Kaepernick has been sidelined even as other players with lesser records have found a team.

I dare say that Gasper is also right that teams and coaches have used Kaepernick’s failing stats as an excuse to avoid saying why they really don’t want to bring his particular trouble into their locker rooms.

But, Gasper is wholly wrong to say that all of America is “immoral” because they oppose Kaepernick’s year of “peaceful protests.”

The fact is Colin Kaepernick did not engage in a mere peaceful protest. What he did was lay down cover for the domestic terror outfit known as Black Lives Matter, advocated for people to hate our police which invites unhinged liberals to begin shooting or attacking police—something that makes all of us less safe—and engendered hate for the country which also brings more vitriol between patriots and haters.

Colin Kaepernick didn’t just kneel mildly. He knelt in support of hate and egged on others to act on that hate.

There is also an even worse aspect to this whole situation.

When he first entered the NFL, Kaepernick was one of the nicest fellows you could imagine. Coming from a privileged life, he came to football as a proud Christian without a cross word about anyone. But in the 2015 season, Kaepernick learned that the 49ers were starting to talk about trading him because his stats had fallen and he was frequently on the injured list.

Apparently, that is when he came up with the brilliant idea to suddenly become a social justice warrior, and it was then he took up his anti-American campaign against the national anthem.

All of this was to dare San Francisco to trade him. Kaepernick banked on the gambit that he would not be traded because if he were to be ignominiously shuffled off to another team, he could then scream “raaaacism.” And it worked, too. As soon as he claimed he was a crusader for Black Lives Matter, all the quite chatter about Kaepernick being traded instantly stopped. Indeed, instead of talking of trading him, the 49ers loudly and proudly stood by him because of his protests so the team might satisfy the sensibilities of liberal city in which they play.

Kaepernick likely assumed that once he went free agent, the same fear of being called racists would cause at least one team to pick him up for 2017. But in that he miscalculated. Surprising only himself, every team in the NFL—including the 49ers, everyone seems to forget—found that they had the perfect excuse to ignore him. After all, no team is under any obligation to hire on a free agent who loudly and proudly hates the very country and people who were making him a millionaire.

Still, the Globe’s Gasper is just as confused as Colin Kaepernick about why no one wants to bring his sort of anti-Americanism into their organizations.

Certainly, the Bostoner isn’t alone. Nearly every other left-wing sports writer in the business is just as confused.

Gasper joins other left-wing sports writers such as USA Today’s Nancy Armour (who has written numerous columns praising Kaepernick for his hate for America), Michigan sports writer and professor Louis Moore, ESPN’s Todd Archer, the Chicago Tribune’s Diana Goetsch, and many more too numerous to list.

Yes, it’s all just a big mystery, one every proud, patriotic American innately understands.

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