NCAA President Mark Emmert Made Nearly $4 Million from 2017-2018, Athletes Still Unpaid

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The head of the scandal-plagued NCAA, a college league that does not pay its athletes, made nearly $4 million from 2017 to 2018, according to the organization’s financial report.

NCAA President Mark Emmert received nearly $4 million in financial compensation from late 2017 until late 2018, according to Yahoo! Sports.

“The eternally embattled Emmert received a 60 percent increase in compensation between Sept. 1, 2017 and Aug. 31, 2018, according to the NCAA’s 990 financial disclosure. Emmert’s pay skyrocketed from $2.4 million the previous year to $3.9 million, thanks to what was described as a one-time, $1.4 million deferred payment that was written into his contract,” Yahoo! Sports reported.

Emmert is not alone in topping the one million mark.

Three other NCAA executives also earned over one million in 2017, the paper reported.

The financial report also finds that the NCAA spent $165 million on outside legal fees since 2012.

The legal fees are notable for the many lawsuits the league has faced over the last few years as various players sued the league to begin paying players. The lawsuits contend that the schools and the league make billions of dollars a year across the country off the skill of the players while the players received no compensation at all.

The NCAA has also faced numerous other legal issues including various schools violating academic standards to keep certain players on teams when in fact their low grades would have had them suspended. There have also been cases of school officials taking bribes to get players to sign on with schools, giving improper benefits, and even failing to enforce school drug policies to excuse the behavior of some players, and other violations.

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