Whitlock: Booing Fans at Chiefs Game Love Country More Than ‘Foolish’ Pro-BLM Players

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Jason Whitlock says that when the Chiefs and the Texans lined up prior to the game in a show of “unity,” fans booed, and booing was the right thing to do.

The nearly 17,000 fans in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City had no interest in seeing the two teams filled with privileged millionaires take the field to posture in support of Black Lives Matter. The booing was long and loud during the players’ “unity” demonstration.

The “unity” lineup was accompanied by Black Lives Matter slogans scrolling across the scoreboard and the jumbotrons.

Many in the sports media were furious that the booing rang out so loud and long during the stunt. But Outkick’s Jason Whitlock said that the booing was the right thing to do because “Chiefs fans aren’t stupid.”

So, why the booing? According to Whitlock:

Mystery solved. Chiefs fans aren’t stupid. They’re informed, passionate and fearless. They love Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. But they love their country more than the foolish players who have swallowed Black Lives Matter’s ideology, propaganda and vision for America.

Social media and the athletes addicted to Twitter and Instagram define BLM as a long-overdue fight for racial equality. Many Americans see BLM for exactly what it is — a clever disguise for Marxists and anarchists who seek to destroy American freedoms — and those citizens are growing more comfortable expressing their disdain for the BLM movement.

The booing you heard rejected BLM, not unity. The booing you heard rejected the rioting, looting, violence and in-your-face harassment associated with the BLM movement.

Whitlock went on to excoriate those fools who claim that the three-month wave of protests are justified because they have been “mostly peaceful.”

The riots, looting, murders, and violence, though, makes the lie to the “mostly peaceful” claim, he said, adding, “You know what? Most of the time in the 1950s and 1960s segregationists did not respond with loosed water hoses, batons and dogs at civil rights protests.”

“Bull Connor, the racists Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham in the 1960s, was ‘mostly peaceful.’ Members of the Ku Klux Klan didn’t lynch, beat and harass the overwhelming majority of black men and women they encountered. The KKK was ‘mostly peaceful.’ Studies revealed 95 percent of Klan rallies are peaceful,” Whitlock wrote.

“You follow my sarcastic point? We’ve seen enough violence, looting and abuse at BLM protests to conclude Black Lives Matter isn’t peaceful or unifying,” he said.

Whitlock went on to correctly point out that sports was already unifying because it was inclusive for everyone, players and fans alike. But now, with all the politics and racial divisions being pushed by the woke leagues, sports is no longer unifying, but divisive.

“With their performance and excellence, Jesse, Joe and Jackie harnessed the power of sports to promote unity and equality,” Whitlock wrote. “Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe stood on the shoulders of Jesse, Joe and Jackie and carried sports’ unification power to the next level.

“Sports don’t need Black Lives Matter to promote unity or equality,” he suggested.

“BLM wishes it could match the NFL’s ability to unify and bolster equality,” Whitlock said, adding, “BLM is toxic, divisive and highly political. BLM undermines unity.

“BLM inspires racism, ideological polarization and hostility toward Christian values and American patriotism,” he exclaimed.

The booing was the correct reaction to this BLM “unity” posturing, Whitlock said.

Still, Whitlock also praised the Chiefs for standing during the national anthem (all but one player, Alex Okafor). And to his mind, the booing was a sign that fans have had enough, and they are right to feel that way.

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