LeBron James on Breonna Taylor: ‘The Most DISRESPECTED Person on Earth is the BLACK WOMAN!’

LeBron James
AP Photo/Brandon Dill

NBA star LeBron James is speaking more about the death of Kentucky woman Breonna Taylor, claiming that black women are “the most disrespected” people on Earth.

In one tweet by the NBA on TNT, James is quoted as saying, “We want justice, no matter how long it takes.”

Of course, there was no legal way to charge any of the police officers involved in Taylor’s death with “murder.” The officers involved in the shooting were fired upon first by Taylor’s boyfriend and had the legal right to return fire.

James also took to his own Twitter feed to tell fans that black women have it even worse in America than black men.

“The most DISRESPECTED person on earth is THE BLACK WOMAN! I promise you I’ll do my best to change this as much as I can and even more!! LOVE to you QUEENS all over this country and beyond!” he pandered.

James spoke more about the tweet after Thursday’s game, NBC Sports reported.

“You just look at the history of America and the disrespect that Black women have gotten for the last 400 years. You can’t turn a blind eye to that,” James told the media. “When I look at my household and see my daughter, who is five on her way to six, my wife and my mom, rest in peace, my grandmother, so many Black women have done so many things for me. Seeing the sacrifices they made, especially my mom when I was growing up. They were disrespected along the way and it’s still like that today.

“In the case of Breonna Taylor’s case, it’s just shown once again that the walls of the neighbor is more important than her life,” he exclaimed.

“So not only did I want to acknowledge all the queens in this world, all the Black queens in this world, but the ones in my life, the personal ones, too,” he said. “I just kind of had a moment yesterday. I mean, I have a lot of moments, but felt like it was important to let Black women know that you’re not alone. No matter the disrespect or what they may feel, don’t stop. Because that’s exactly what they want you guys to do. They want you guys to stop. They want you guys not to be as powerful as you guys are, not as strong as you guys are, as determined as you guys are. They want you all to be at bay. They want you to accept what’s going on. For sure, I won’t allow that.”

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