Antifa to Launch Soccer League in Portland

Getty Images/AFP/Amy Osborne

According to reports, Portland’s Antifa chapter is looking to fill the time between riots by launching their own soccer league.

Over the weekend, the group announced it was organizing the Antifa FC (football club) and urged “comrades” to turn out for fun and exercise on Wednesday.

The group even started a new Twitter account and created a logo for the nascent league. The logo features a player performing a bicycle kick over the top of the Antifa “Iron Front” logo.

According to the New York Post, 88 potential players signed up.

The group brought its hate for Nazis, or those they consider to be Nazis, by telling fans to “Stay safe, Stay Dangerous, watch some soccer and Nutmeg a Nazi.” Of course, to “nutmeg” is common British parlance for kicking, so they were urging fans to kick a Nazi, apparently.

True to form, trouble already started for the Antifa soccer league. After the organizers announced that they had a volunteer referee for the games, fans began tweeting back that “all refs are bastards,” a riff on Antifa’s favorite slogan, “all cops are bastards.”

Indeed, the attacks on refs came in, so the league posted a tweet pleading for people to stop saying that all refs are bastards.

Speaking of the police, some possible players worried that there might be trouble and since Antifa hates the police, they wondered how the league would keep everyone safe?

AntifaFC had an answer for that: “Would like to let everyone know we will have people keeping watch around the perimeter to make sure this stays a safe event if that helps calm people.”

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