Marine Mom Holds ‘I Don’t Kneel’ Sign at College Gameday

Getty Images/Ronald Martinez

The mother of a Marine hoisted an “I Don’t Kneel” sign ahead of the Clemson-Georgia game on Saturday during College Gameday on ESPN.

Fox News reported that College Gameday is a big day for fans, with many holding signs bragging about their team.

But one woman held up a sign that read “Proud Marine Mom” with a photo of the Marine and the Marine Corps seal.

The sign also said “Love you Ryan” followed by a nod to the controversial kneeling by some players in the name of social justice.

“#I don’t kneel” her sign said.

The sign can be seen at the 9:45 mark of this video:

Fox News picked up the story first posted by the Daily Caller:

Last year, college football started off with some controversy when teams decided to take a knee before the start of games in protest of racial and social injustice. The kneeling started in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. It’s unclear whether teams are going to decide to kneel again this season.

Kneeling protests started in 2016 when pro quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to do it during the national anthem. Similar protests have been held at numerous sporting events since then.

Kaepernick is no longer playing football.

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