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Little Sisters of the Poor Say They’ll Have ‘Nun’ of Abortion, HHS Mandate

The Little Sisters of the Poor marched Friday in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., standing up to abortion and the assault on religious liberty their community has experienced at the hands of the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, which requires they provide contraception and abortion-inducing drugs to their employees through health insurance plans.

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Federal Court Rules Little Sisters of the Poor Must Fund Contraception, Abortion

In what some are decrying as another blow to religious freedom in America, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Little Sisters of the Poor must comply with the HHS mandate that requires their health insurance carriers to subsidize contraceptive and some abortion services for employees or face onerous fines from the IRS.

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Obama Administration Defies Supreme Court, Issues Final Contraceptive Mandate Rule

Last week, the Supreme Court ordered the Obama administration not to enforce the contraceptive mandate against Catholic organizations from Pennsylvania, making this case the government’s sixth loss in a row at the Supreme Court. Currently, four petitions are before the Supreme Court asking for final resolution of the issue by June 2016.

The California State Senate will vote on a bill that would mandate all University of California and California State University campus health centers to stock drugs for medication abortion.