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African Migrants Brawl with Locals on French Island of Corsica

Tense relations between locals and North African migrants led to a violent skirmish between members of the two groups this weekend on the French island of Corsica, leading to several injuries and torched vehicles. Authorities had to deploy some 100

Corsica Getty

Protesters Ransack Muslim Prayer Hall on Corsica

Demonstrators ransacked a Muslim prayer hall and set fire to copies of the Koran on the French island of Corsica Friday, police said, in an attack condemned by the government. The violence came on Christmas Day amid heightened security measures


Corsica Threatens to Break Away From France

France is facing new trouble after a separatist government took power on the island of Corsica, including many members who want full independence. While the world’s media focused on the Front National’s performance in last week’s regional elections, Corsican nationalists