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Survey: Brexit Now More Popular Amongst Nurses

A survey of UK nurses carried out by their professional publication has found a narrow lead in support for Leave over Remain at the upcoming referendum. A poll of 500 nurses conducted for Nursing Times shows has revealed 43 per cent of respondents


Hungarian Government: This Is Not A Refugee Crisis, It’s Mass Migration

A senior Hungarian government spokesman has said measures taken by individual states or small groups of states to address ongoing mass migration deal more effectively with the problem than European Commission initiatives. Zoltán Kovács — the government spokesman for the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister —

mass migration

Merkel Ready To Give In To ‘Blackmail’ Over Turkish Visas

According to a British diplomat, Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to give visa-free travel in the Schengen zone to 75 million Turkish citizens despite the failure to meet key European Union conditions. In starkly undiplomatic language, British Ambassador to Germany Sir Sebastian


Police Call For Vigilance Against Ramadan Terror Attacks

In light of indications of a possible terror attack, Belgian law enforcement authorities have called on soldiers patrolling the streets of Brussels to be on high alert during Ramadan. The Belgian police service has requested extra vigilance from soldiers deployed on the streets


Bill Clinton Tells British Voters To Reject Brexit

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton seems to have overcome recent issues he had with certain European Union (EU) Member States, penning a piece for a left-of-centre news weekly which tells British voters to reject the temptation to vote for Brexit in


Conservative Party Questions Impartiality Of Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission has come under attack from the Conservative Party, regarding the impartiality of senior staff and suggestions that bias influenced decisions not to investigate Labour and Scottish Nationalist election spending. Conservative Party lawyers have opened a new front in

Electoral Commission

EU Wants €60 BILLION To ‘Solve’ Migrant Crisis

A new ‘partnership framework’ to address the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe, using visa liberalisation and trade with non-European Union (EU) countries to help lessen the flow of migrants, has been proposed by the European Commission. The Commission’s proposal hopes to address the ongoing migrant

Tents fill the outskirts of Dagahaley refugee camp in Kenya's Dadaab refugee complex on July 24, 2011.

NATO Builds Up Arms On Russia Border, Says ‘We Are Not In A New Cold War’

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) yesterday announced that the intergovernmental military alliance is beefing up its Baltic battalions in order to prevent conflict, but denies this is a “Cold War” with Russia. Speaking in Berlin, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg


EU Liberal Leader: Brexit Is Opportunity For ‘Deepening The Union’

The powerful leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament told an interviewer that the Brexit debate makes him “optimistic” about the creation of a single European Union (EU) superstate, regardless of the outcome of Britain’s referendum.


EU Threatens Poland With Sanctions Over Right Wing Govt

The European Commission yesterday has yet again criticised Poland for endangering the rule of law and potentially undermining democracy. Although it could result in sanctions against the country, the reaction from members of the governing Law and Justice Party (PiS) has been

rule of law

European Court: Employers CAN Ban Islamic Headscarf

An Advocate General at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has said that it is possible for companies to institute a headscarf ban if it is done under a policy ensuring “religious and ideological neutrality”. The opinion on the headscarf ban

headscarf ban

Brexit MPs Accused Government Of Breaking Law Over Pro-EU Propaganda On Official Websites

A group of Brexit supporters have contacted Britain’s chief civil servant demanding that pro-EU propaganda be deleted from Government websites in accordance with referendum ‘purdah’ rules. Tomorrow the British Government enters a period of official ‘purdah’ lasting for four weeks until the European Union (EU) referendum

EU Propaganda

British Generals And Admirals Back Brexit

12 former generals and admirals have come together to persuade serving and retired military personnel to support Brexit from a European Union (EU) which has become “intrusive”, “out of control” and “not fit for purpose”. Of those former senior officers who have pinned


Europol Warns Of Terrorist Cells in EU Stockpiling Explosives

Europol has warned of terrorist cells stockpiling weapons as the threat of terrorist attacks in the European Union (EU) remains the top national security concern among Member States. Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, claims to have foiled 211 terrorist plots in

LONDON, United Kingdom: (FILES) The wreck of the Number 30 double-decker bus is pictured in Tavistock Square in central London, 08 July, 2005.

European Parliament President: Turkey Becoming A ‘One-Man State’

The President of the European Parliament has warned that Turkey is “on the way” to becoming a “one-man state” under the leadership of  President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (pictured). European Parliament President, Martin Schulz, made the comment in a sharply-worded interview with the German daily newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger


Business Barometer Finds Companies ‘Indifferent’ To Brexit

Polling shows increasing government regulation is damaging commercial confidence more than the prospect of Brexit, which leaves businesses feeling “indifferent”. The surprise conclusion on Brexit, which contradicts the opinion of European Union (EU) cheerleaders like international bankers, big business representatives and pro-EU lobbyists at the Confederation of


Cameron Capitulates: Government Faced With Tory Rebellion Backs Off TTIP Battle

Faced with becoming only the second British Prime Minister in a century to be defeated on his Queen’s Speech, David Cameron has avoided embarrassment by surrendering to the demands of eurosceptic Tory rebels over protecting the National Health Service (NHS) from the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal.