El Paso ISD

Texas Schools Accused of Violating Truancy Reform Law

Two Texas school districts stand accused of violating the state’s 2015 law that decriminalized truancy. Advocacy groups came together and filed complaints, urging education officials to investigate and to shore up guidelines so that all schools follow the rules.


Feds Indict 5 El Paso ISD Educators in Test Score Fraud Scheme

The FBI arrested five veteran Texas educators, all present or past employees of the El Paso Independent School District, after a federal grand jury indicted them on fraud charges Wednesday. They stand accused of their involvement in a test-cheating scheme to circumvent federal accountability requirements under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

Public School Protest Sign

Texas Homeschool Laws Trashed by Regulation Crusading Mainstream Media

The mainstream media trashed Texas homeschool laws in an onslaught of hit pieces that put the state’s laws on trial while crusading for heightened regulations in response to the Texas Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on Monday in Michael and Laura McIntyre v. the El Paso Independent School District, an action initiated by a homeschool family.