Islamic State Creates Its Own Secure Messaging App

Islamic State supporters have explored a variety of social media tools for distributing propaganda and coordinating their efforts, most recently the Telegram app — whose owners originally refused to take action against ISIS accounts because they wanted their platform totally free of government interference but changed their stance after the Paris massacre and began blocking ISIS-related channels.

Islamic State fighters

Why Apple Fears Britain’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’

Apple is formally opposing a proposed UK law that requires tech companies to provide a way for authorities to access encrypted messages. The software giant has prided itself on communications so secure that not even it can read some messages. Under so-called “end-to-end encryption,” only sender and receiver have the capacity to unscramble a message.

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Hillary Clinton Is Conveniently Clueless On Encryption

She doesn’t understand email servers, and after last night’s Democratic Presidential debate it seems she doesn’t understand the basics of web privacy either.In comments that even the ultra-progressive Vox Media outlet The Verge called “borderline illiterate,” Hillary Clinton appeared to simultaneously support and oppose the

Hillary Clinton at Democratic Debate (Jim Cole / Associated Press)

Hillary: ‘I Don’t Know Enough About the Technology’

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated, “I don’t know enough about the technology” during an answer on encryption during Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate on ABC. Hillary said that she didn’t want to force tech companies to


Apple CEO Tim Cook Defends Phone Encryption Against Security Concerns

In a segment from this Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview broadcast on Friday’s edition of CBS This Morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated his stance in favor of unbreakable encrypted communication for consumers, dismissing concerns that terrorists and criminals can use such systems to evade law enforcement.

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Destroying Web Privacy Won’t Destroy Islamic State

In the wake of the Paris attacks, there have been fresh calls for tech companies to weaken their privacy protections to allow western security services to monitor online communications.Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called on Silicon Valley to “not view government


Silicon Valley Has a Duty To Help Our Security Services

The excuses have started again. Despite the atrocities in Paris, tech companies continue to stubbornly insist that they have no business helping the government catch terrorists.Governments have upped the pressure on Silicon Valley recently, pointing to tech companies’ support for

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Hillary Clinton’s Online Backup Service Was Concerned About Security Gaps

Not only has Datto surrendered equipment to the FBI, but they’ve also stated that they warned Hillary Clinton’s computer company, Platte River Networks, that her server was vulnerable to hackers… and they say their warnings were disregarded, because FBI investigators ordered that the system should not be altered in any way.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks about gun control during her campaign stop at the Broward College Ð Hugh Adams Central Campus on October 2, 2015 in Davie, Florida. Hillary Clinton continues to campaign for the nomination of the Democratic Party as their presidential candidate.