Telegram's free instant messaging app has attracted about 100 million users since its launch in 2013

Russia Bans Telegram After Company Refuses to Surrender Encryption Keys

After a hearing on Friday that lasted only 18 minutes, a court in Moscow gave Russia’s Roskomnadzor agency the authority to ban the popular secure messaging platform Telegram. The company had refused to surrender its encryption keys to Russia’s FSB security service, as demanded by a 2016 counterterrorism law.

A Whatsapp App logo is seen behind a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone that is logged on to Facebook in the central Bosnian town of Zenica, February 20, 2014. REUTERS/DADO RUVIC

India: Supreme Court Hears Case to Ban WhatsApp for ‘Aiding Terrorists’

This Wednesday, India’s Supreme Court will hear a public interest litigation (PIL) petition seeking a ban on WhatsApp in the subcontinent on the grounds that the messaging platform’s end-to-end encryption could provide terrorists with access to one another through the app, which is impossible to intercept.

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Silicon Valley Outsourcing Encryption Keys to Customers

With the FBI and NSA demanding that tech companies surrender encryption back doors to access customer data, Silicon Valley start-ups and established companies are giving customers exclusive possession of encryption keys to access their data.

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Encryption Wars: Apple vs. FBI Didn’t Start With San Bernardino

In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting, a headline-grabbing war broke out between the FBI and Apple, which refuses to modify the software on slain jihadi Syed Farook’s iPhone so the FBI can examine his data. A lengthy article at Bloomberg Business argues this was really more like a cold war going hot, because the FBI has been at odds with Apple since the latest version of its operating system was released.

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Samsung S7: Seriously Eroding iPhone Prices

Although the new Samsung Galaxy S7 outdistances the iPhone 6S family on virtually every performance metric, the real threat is the S7 undermining iPhone sales pricing. The new Samsung (SSNLF:NASDAQ) S7 beats Apple Inc. (AAPL:NASDAQ) iPhone 6S in screen pixels,


Microsoft Announces Support for Apple in Encryption Controversy

Microsoft founder Bill Gates offered some muddled support for the government in the FBI’s standoff against Apple over data encryption, while his company has been a “tepid” supporter of Apple, in the estimation of The Verge… until today, when Microsoft announced it “wholeheartedly” supports the rival tech giant and will file a “friend of the court” brief on its behalf.


Cruz: Apple Should Open San Bernardino Attacker’s Phone

GOP presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz argued that “Apple has the right side on the global don’t make us do this to every iPhone on the market. But I think law enforcement has the better argument” in unlocking the phone

Islamic State fighters

Islamic State Creates Its Own Secure Messaging App

Islamic State supporters have explored a variety of social media tools for distributing propaganda and coordinating their efforts, most recently the Telegram app — whose owners originally refused to take action against ISIS accounts because they wanted their platform totally free of government interference but changed their stance after the Paris massacre and began blocking ISIS-related channels.

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Why Apple Fears Britain’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’

Apple is formally opposing a proposed UK law that requires tech companies to provide a way for authorities to access encrypted messages. The software giant has prided itself on communications so secure that not even it can read some messages. Under so-called “end-to-end encryption,” only sender and receiver have the capacity to unscramble a message.

Hillary Clinton at Democratic Debate (Jim Cole / Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton Is Conveniently Clueless On Encryption

She doesn’t understand email servers, and after last night’s Democratic Presidential debate it seems she doesn’t understand the basics of web privacy either. In comments that even the ultra-progressive Vox Media outlet The Verge called “borderline illiterate,” Hillary Clinton appeared to simultaneously support and oppose