FanDuel and DraftKings said they reached an agreement with the National Collegiate Athletic Association to end fantasy sports contests at the conclusion of this weekend's basketball tournament

Congress to Consider Lifting Ban on Sports Betting

With the growing popularity of fantasy sports betting websites and the corresponding questions over their legality, a congressional committee looks to reconsider the wide bans on sports betting currently causing such confusion.

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Leagues Getting in Bed with Sports Betting Industry

Despite spending a century crusading against gambling in sports, many of the nation’s major professional leagues are now cutting deals with the sports betting industry, a new report says.

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Fantasy Sports Sites File Suit After Protest at NY AG’s Office

With attorneys general across the country turning their attention to online fantasy sports sites, many are being shut down as states figure out what regulations to impose on the industry. But two of the nation’s biggest sites are proactively filing a lawsuit in New York to prevent the state from shutting them down.

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States to Tax Fantasy Sports’ Exponential Growth

Desperate for revenue, several states are making a major push to regulate and tax so called “daily fantasy sports,” such as New York’s FanDuel and Boston’s DraftKings.

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DraftKings Internal Investigation Claims Employee Did Not Use ‘Insider Information’

With accusations of “insider trading” still hanging over the fantasy sports betting industry, one of the two websites at the center of the scandal, DraftKings, has released the results of an internal investigation. The website now claims that one of the employees accused of insider trading did not use internal data to win over $350,000 on rival site, FanDuel.

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Nevada Shuts Down Fantasy Sports Sites after Calling Them ‘Gambling’

Fantasy sports sites, on the heels of a betting scandal prompted by what detractors called “insider trading,” received a shutdown notice from the state of Nevada as regulators and lawmakers turn their attention to making new rules to cover the popular online venues.


Watch: Conan O’Brien Spoofs Daily Fantasy Sports Ads with ‘SpendKings’

Just days after daily fantasy sports sites FanDuel and DraftKings were charged of insider trading, TBS’s Conan O’Brien spoofed the two sites’ commercials on his nightly show “Conan.” The commercials, which are seen often on sports stations and during sporting events, portray testimonies from

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Fantasy Football Sites Hit with Charges of Insider Trading

Fantasy football competitors have been rocked by a major scandal after news leaked that an employee of one of the websites prematurely leaked player data that could affect millions of dollars in bets, sparking charges of “insider trading.”