China Claims Black Box Found, But Asks Public to Wait Years for Plane Crash Explanation

Chinese crash site investigators said on Wednesday that one of the “black box” flight recorders from China Eastern Flight MU5735 has been found, and is “relatively intact.” The search for a second black box continues, hampered by heavy rain in the area. Chinese state media continues to provide few serious details about the crash, beyond confirming on Tuesday that none of the 132 passengers or crew survived it.

A worker wearing a protective suit prepares to assist people outside a hotel displaying a

China Reveals No Updates on Boeing Crash over 24 Hours Later

The terrible plane crash in China’s southern Guangxi region continued as a headline news item in Chinese state media on Tuesday – but after 24 hours, no significant details about the incident have been revealed to the public. China’s aviation regulator cautioned the public that it might take years for the investigation to be completed, and little news should be expected until then. 


McDonald’s Mandates ‘Diversity Training’ for Chinese Branch that Banned Black Customers

Although the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) insists the many reported incidents of blatant racism against Africans living in China during the coronavirus pandemic are merely “misunderstandings,” McDonald’s Corporation announced on Monday that it has temporarily closed a restaurant in Guangzhou that explicitly refused to serve black customers and posted a sign declaring they were not “allowed to enter.”

FILE - In this Thursday, April 30, 2015, file photo, customers buy sundae cones at a McDon