Iran Seizes Two U.S. Navy Vessels, 10 American Sailors

The Islamic Republic of Iran seized two U.S. Navy vessels while they were navigating the Persian Gulf on Tuesday, detaining the ships and ten American sailors near Iran’s Farsi Island, the Pentagon said.


World Questions Absence of Wealthy Gulf Nations in Migrant Crisis

The ongoing wars in the Levant area of the Middle East, particularly in Syria, have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands, and many have chosen to flee in desperation. However, none of these migrants from war-torn countries seem to be traveling south to the Gulf, and for good reason.

Soldier Patrols Saudi Arabian Border Fayez NureldineAFP

Report: Iran-Backed Terror Plot Foiled In Bahrain

Bahrain has recalled its ambassador to Iran in protest of a Tehran-backed plot to smuggle arms and large explosives into the archipelago nation, Bahraini authorities said over the weekend.


Yemen: Another Obama Administration Foreign Policy Failure

Many Americans were surprised to see the Obama administration get caught flat-footed again in the volatile Arab World when a Shiite Muslim Houthi rebel group, with ties to Iran’s terrorist state, overthrew Yemen’s government.

AP Photo/Hani Mohammed