Joanne Chesimard

State Department Claims Cuba Is Open to Discussing Return of US Fugitives

The State Department announced this week that it has received a guarantee from the Cuban government to enter a bilateral dialogue to discuss the extradition of American fugitives out of Cuba to serve their criminal sentences, as well as dialogue with Spain regarding Cuba providing safe haven to members of the Basque terrorist group ETA. The Cuban government has yet to publicly comment on the State Department’s claims.

The Associated Press

Rhodes Dodges on Progress with Fugitives in Cuba

White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes did not say if Cuba had many any concessions regarding fugitives currently hiding in the country when he was asked on Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” When “any give at all” from Cuba


Cuba Asserts Right to Harbor U.S. Criminal Fugitives

In yet another sign that the Cuban government has no intention of changing its behavior towards the United States in response to President Obama’s restoration of diplomatic relations with the communist regime, the nation’s head of North American affairs asserted that it was Cuba’s “legitimate right” to harbor criminal fugitives on the island if it so wishes.