‘No Child Left Behind’ Waiver Renewal Process Delayed in Texas

Texas has been in limbo on its No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver renewal since January when state and federal officials did not see eye-to-eye on a few of the finer points. Since then, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) was expected to resubmit its waiver request on March 31. However, in a letter on that day, Education Commissioner Michael Williams notified US Education Secretary Arne Duncan that Texas would instead submit its NCLB waiver request on June 1.

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Former CNN Anchor Campbell Brown Slams Common Core Opponents

Former CNN anchor-turned education reform expert Campbell Brown recently attacked opponents of the Common Core standards and potential GOP presidential candidates who have flip-flopped on their views of the initiative. In a Washington Post column over the weekend, the founder

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NCLB Renewal: More Federal or Local Control Over Education?

Grassroots organizers and conservative groups posted an action alert on a bill that will likely be voted on this week in the House that would reauthorize the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law. The activists say HR5, known as the “Student Success Act,” will “denigrate parental rights and seize state sovereignty.”

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Obama: Address ‘Overuse of Standardized Tests’

President Obama said that “I want to work with both parties in Congress to replace No Child Left Behind with a smarter law that addresses the overuse of standardized tests,” during his Weekly Address on Saturday. Transcript as Follows: “Hi,


Jeb Bush Gives ‘Impassioned’ Speech to Defend his Support for Common Core

As Republicans of all stripes and the main-stream media are predicting that Jeb Bush’s support for the Common Core standards will be among his greatest obstacles to a potential 2016 GOP nomination, Bush himself went off-script during remarks at the Detroit Economic Club Wednesday, emotionally defending the highly unpopular education initiative and his own education reform record.

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‘No Child Left Behind’ Waiver At Risk in Texas

Education Commissioner Michael Williams is bracing for the possibility that Texas may lose its No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver. State and federal education officials are not seeing eye-to-eye on educator evaluations but is that a bad or good thing?

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Civil Rights Groups to Obama: More Fed Edu Funding, No Standardized Tests for Minorities

When the new Congress begins to consider the federal government’s role in America’s classrooms, civil rights groups will be doing their best to advocate for the strength of that role to ensure mandates that purport to promote “equity” for “diverse” groups. However, in October of last year, these same groups referred to the standardized testing requirements of the same federal government as “overly punitive” of racial minorities.

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