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North Korea Apparently Destroys Missile Test Facility

After his summit with dictator Kim Jong-un on Tuesday, President Trump indicated the North Koreans are dismantling another facility important to their development of nuclear missiles following the purported shutdown of the Punggye-ri nuclear bomb testing site. Analysts believe this was a reference to the missile engine testing site at Kusong, which appears to be undergoing demolition based on satellite imagery.

N. Korea open to US talks 'any time' despite Trump axing summit

Tillerson Warns North Korea: Talks, Not War, with America ‘the Best Option’

The United States and Canada hosted a 20-nation gathering in Vancouver on Tuesday, leading to a consensus that even tougher sanctions could be applied against North Korea to make it give up on developing nuclear missiles. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said military options are still on the table if these sanctions fail.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said progress was being made to halt North Korea's nuclear ambitions

U.S. Official: North Korea’s Latest ICBM Broke Up on Re-entry

A U.S. official said on Saturday that North Korea’s new intercontinental ballistic missile broke up upon re-entry at the end of its test launch last week, indicating that North Korea still lacks the key component of reliable heat shielding for its ICBMs.

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Report: North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile

North Korea’s missile program has been strangely quiet since September, which comes as a relief to Japan, since the last few ICBMs from North Korea have flown through their airspace. On Monday, the Japanese government reported intercepting radio signals that suggest North Korea may be preparing to launch another missile.

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Chinese Communist Paper Blasts U.S. ‘Moral Arrogance over North Korea’

China was willing to vote for stronger U.N. sanctions against its unruly client regime in North Korea, but Chinese media are sending decidedly mixed signals in the wake of the vote. The histrionics in Beijing’s state-managed newspapers seem intended to send a message that China is not prepared to go any further with North Korea.

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said 'we attach importance to the remarks', when questioned on the US's latest comments on the North, which has caused international alarm with two recent missile tests